Study of the project

Based on the customer’s idea, we conduct market analysis, understand the competitors’ benchmark, as well as
study its feasibility in terms of costs and production methods. We provide advice on materials and technologies to be used by proposing the best alternatives from a constructive, functional and economic point of view.

Having reached a common goal, we proceed to engineer the object and prepare the executive drawings.

Product industrialization

Starting from the aesthetic model, we develop a three-dimensional solution and related two-dimensional drawings for production, supporting the customer’s technical department throughout the process, ensuring precision and clarity.


We provide functional and/or aesthetic prototypes as close to the finished product as possible, based on current
requirements, including if necessary, fixings and mechanical parts.

Technical and commercial documentation

In completing the service, we provide each project with its specific documentation, such as manuals, product data sheets and certifications. In addition, we can also provide marketing paraphernalia, such as catalogs, explanatory brochures and other graphic material, which may be useful for sales.

Reverse engineering

On the basis of the aesthetic model, we prepare the 3D model and the related construction drawings to be able to reproduce it.
We also take care of the feasibility study in order to simplify the production processes and maintain their functionality.

3D Printing

3D printing is the most suitable technology in creating aesthetic or functional
prototypes for production pieces requiring a mold or a particular type of processing.

We offer a targeted consultation service on 3D printing to obtain the creation of a solid model identical to the one designed.