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A 100% custom made project: private residence in Miami
For this private house on the mouth of the Miami River, the studio has created an entire collection for each room in very large formats. This includes table and floor lamps, suspension and wall lamps. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have taken up the challenge of solving and implementing all stages of the process, from engineering to production up to shipment management.

In the living room, which overlooks the sea, the large king-size floor lamp dominates, with a wooden base worked and assembled by hand, powder-coated metal parts and linen lampshade. The lighting of the room is accompanied by a large bronze painted modular suspension lamp with handmade glass parallelepipeds. The two appliques with bronze metal wings were also designed in the same style.

Four models of table lamps have been created, with handcrafted wooden bases and exclusive finishes on customer request. The lampshades have been produced with a very fine linen fabric. In the photos, you can observe its peculiarities; the lamp with spheres on the cover has a particular black concrete effect finish; the couple in the fifth photo, with soft shapes, was crafted of turned fir wood and painted with a unique metallic bronze effect paint; the abat-jour in the sixth photo, a cylinder with layered work on maple essence and details in bronze powder coated metal.

The two XL ceiling lamps made of heat-molded methacrylate and wood veneer on shaped metal sheet are of remarkable effect; the particular play of intersections that characterizes the bands has been managed with spacers, making the structure seem suspended and orbiting around the lamp bodies.