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Andrea Lazzari, designer for over 20 years, has been providing tailor-made design services for the contract sector.

By evaluating the initial project and your needs, he proposes feasible and creative solutions, accompanying you towards the most appropriate decisions thanks to the experience gained in the production process.

For this reason, Andrea Lazzari is the ideal partner for all-round consultancy for both civil and public tailor-made projects such as: show rooms, hotels, restaurants and very discerning individuals, etc.

The process, from the initial idea to the final production, requires a variety of skills and proper design planning can avoid:
- Inappropriate solutions;
- Wasted time;
- Inconveniences;
- Cost increases;
- Substandard results.

Thanks to the right skills, correct design allows you to achieve:
Accurate production times
Completion within budget
The desired result

Do you have a new product in mind and don't know how to make it?

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